Baseballogy is when rational scientists talk irrationally about baseball.

In July 2017, Baseballogy was founded by two scientists with an unbounded passion for baseball, and it's endless trove of information.


The Hosts:

Drew Wilfahrt: Drew is a native of South Dakota, but now lives in Rochester, MN. He loves all sports, and claims that he can watch any sport as long as there is a winner in it somewhere. This includes sports which are less well known (Cup Stacking? you bet). He thrives off of competitive spirit wherever he can get it. Having played only a few years of little league as a kid, Drew is grossly under-qualified in terms of baseball playing hours to discuss the ins and outs of the game, but he does it anyway. 

Adam Scheid: Adam is a native of Sioux City, Iowa, but after graduating with his PhD in immunology, he moved from Minnesota to Kansas City. While he misses the sights and sounds of Target Field, the move has sparked a new segment on the podcast, "Behind Enemy Lines," as he attempts to navigate through Royals territory. Although Adam is happily married, Joe Mauer is a close second place as his true love.